Tax Season is Fast Approaching!

 The New Year is fast approaching and it is so important to take some time to look back at what financial decisions we made over the past 12 months and to reflect on what went right and what mistakes we do not want to repeat.  Here are my tips to end 2018 and to start the New Year off right:

#1) If you have employees, you will have until January 31, 2019 to get them their W-2's and 1099's.  If we are taking care of your books and/or payroll, please get us updated information as soon as possible.  It is pertinent that we do not miss the January deadline.  For contract labor or "subs" you are not required to issue them a 1099 unless you paid them more than $600 in total for the year.  

#2) Get your bookkeeping for 2018 up to date and completed.  If you own a business and you have inventory, now is the time to get an accurate count.  Make sure all your expenses and income are accounted for so that you do not miss out on crucial tax benefits of operating a business.  

#3) Have any business losses?  Losses happen and is all part of the entrepreneurial game.  Without some risk, would there be much appreciation for the reward?  If your business didn't see much profit in 2018, it may provide you a tax break to help with cash flow.  If your business had more expenses than income, tax refunds from previous years for that loss may be available.  Check with my office if this is your situation.

#4) Pull together all those receipts.  Now is the time, if you haven't already, to enter all those expenses and offset any income you may have to pay less taxes.  Get with me and we will go through your expenses and losses and calculate your tax liability.  Never assume that an expense is not business related unless you ask your accountant.  Some people do and then loose out on legit tax benefits. 

#5) Setup your tax-planningsession now.  It is time to take a look back at what went right, what didn't work and what changes can be made now before we are hit with the New Year.  It is much simpler to be Proactive rather than Reactive, especially when it comes to taxes.  Take the time to make a plan and stay up on your books!  It's your business, pay attention to its financial health.  

And my final and most important step - Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call me.  It is easier to find a solution to a problem ahead of time than it is to unravel a mess that was not being attended to after time.  After all, that is why I am here.  Let me do what I am best at and you - Go build your business!!! 

Tax Season is Now!

By: lauras119 Sunday February 23, 2014 comments

Tax Season is Now!

Dear Clients and Friends, Accounting has never been a most loved task, yet it is one of the most vital in running a successful business. While it is likely that not everyone enjoy documenting and reporting on their financials, it is wonderful news to hear that accounting has become simplified and modernized.   Technology has helped this profession a lot: most accounting solutions are now cloud-based. It is easier for both the accountant and the business owners, and those interested to know about the real-time status... Read More

5 Tax Savings Tips for Small Business Owners

By: lauras119 Monday February 17, 2014 comments

5 Tax Savings Tips for Small Business Owners

There was news that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent letters to thousands of small businesses recently asking if they have underpaid taxes the previous year. This is the one rule for small businesses to follow-thou shall not mess with the IRS. Though, this does not mean you should cheat yourself or sacrifice earnings for the sake of tax. There are legal means than can save you dollars and lessen your tax. Here are the 5 saving tips for all small business owners.   # 1 Savings Tip Claim home-office space. Having a home-office... Read More

Lost Tax Records Can Affect You and Your Finances

By: lauras119 Monday February 10, 2014 comments

Lost Tax Records Can Affect You and Your Finances

Dear Clients and Friends, Normally, you would not be responsible for fortuitous events such as flood, fire, earthquake or other calamities which you have no control over or what they call "acts of God." However, this is not the case when it comes to your taxes and tax records. When you lose them due to fire or flood, IRS does not sympathize and let you off the hook that easy. You will still be required to do some filing and this could be more time consuming and financially draining that you could have imagined. [caption... Read More

Four Ways of Turning Passive Losses into Deductions

By: lauras119 Monday February 3, 2014 comments

Four Ways of Turning Passive Losses into Deductions

Dear Clients and Friends, Selling your rental property? If the answer is "yes," I have good news for you. You can now deduct all those passive losses you couldn't deduct in previous years. Normally, your rental properties suffer losses but the law assumes that you do not really suffer real economic loss in the process. With the "passive loss" deduction test, most rental property owners are not able to take advantage of the tax loss deduction but instead they have a suspended losses account waiting to be released until... Read More

How to Be a Wiser and More Responsible Taxpayer in 2014

By: lauras119 Monday February 3, 2014 comments

Dear Clients and Friends, Benjamin Franklin said "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."  That being said, it would truly prove useful if we become aware of some strategies that can soften that tax blow. Tax Avoidance Tax avoidance is not synonymous to tax evasion.  Tax avoidance is the practice of critically structuring your transactions to ensure that you have an efficient tax plan in place for your business.  Even the courts agree that businessmen have the right to choose whatever course... Read More


By: lauras119 Monday January 13, 2014 comments

Mark your calendar for these important dates! Dear Valued Clients and Friends, The following is a list of important tax deadlines for 2014. Please mark your calendar. Generally, you must file for a Form 1099 with the IRS for any of the following cases: Payment of $600 or more in 2013 in the course of trade or business: Independent contractors Partnerships Corporation for legal or medical services in 2013. Rentals unless they're a corporation or real estate agent Interest in the course of your trade or... Read More

Tax Update News for 2014

By: lauras119 Thursday January 2, 2014 comments

Dear Clients and Friends, I attended several tax update seminars in the last few months and gained knowledge that will definitely benefit you! Of course, you can call me for more information about these tax updates. New Tax Items: A new tax bracket (39.6%)was added for individuals with a net income of $400,000 The new 39.6% tax bracket will rise to 20% (formerly 15%) for long-term capital gains and dividends Two new Medicare taxes that will be effective for 2013: Individuals with income over $200,000 will have a... Read More

A Checklist for Year-End Tax Planning

By: lauras119 Tuesday December 10, 2013 comments

Year end is a crucial time in a tax strategy. Once the year has ended some tax opportunities are lost forever. Here's the checklist of important points to consider: #1 MAKE SURE YOUR RECORDS ARE CURRENT Every single transaction should be posted as of the last month of the taxable year. Current expenses are for items that benefited your business for less than one year. #2 DETERMINE  YOUR VEHICLES' MILEAGE Keep track of how many business activity miles you drive. Your mileage log document is important to support your mileage... Read More

7 Year-End Tax Tips for Small Business

By: lauras119 Sunday November 24, 2013 comments

7 Year-End Tax Tips for Small Business

7 Year-End Tax Tips for Small Business It's almost the end of the year, and this is the time to start closing out your books for this calendar year. It is the best time to check with your accountant and see if there is anything you should do to make sure that the business ends fiscally healthy. Such small changes, if any, can make a big difference on the total business income and annual tax liability. Here's how you should get started. Below are the few important year-end tax preparation steps that you can... Read More

The Ten Common Start-Up Bookkeeping Mistakes Part 2

By: lauras119 Wednesday November 6, 2013 comments

The Ten Common Start-Up Bookkeeping Mistakes Part 2

The Ten Common Start-Up Bookkeeping Mistakes Part 2 Starting your own business is a great way to manage your career. You will be able to choose your own path, plan your own business directions, come up with various marketing strategies and ways to advertise your business, and create a more definite picture of your future goals. However, every successful business may experience mistakes or bigger failures. Fortunately, most often than not, failures and various business mistakes can be prevented from happening. One best way to... Read More


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